April 2020 Elections

Dear NCMA Tysons Members:

Thank you for your continued support of the Chapter. Because of you, we are a leader in the NCMA and throughout the government contracting community.

As we approach our April election, we are requesting nominations for qualified Chapter Officers for the upcoming term. The two-year term will serve the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 program years. Per the NCMA Tysons Bylaws, a candidate must have maintained continuous membership in NCMA National and the Chapter for the current program year to be eligible for election as a Vice-President.

Please find the Chapter Officer positions that will be available for vote during the April election. We have also identified the incumbents that will be running again.

  • VP Secretary
  • VP Treasurer, Incumbent: Michael Whalen
  • VP Communications, Incumbent: Natalie McDonald
  • VP Programs
  • VP Education
  • VP Membership
  • VP Professional Growth & Development
  • VP Sponsorships, Incumbent: Fran Bishop
  • VP Outreach
  • VP Certifications
  • VP Government Relations and Policies
  • VP Operations, Incumbent: Stephanie Lemaitre
  • VP Partnerships

If you are interested, please submit your nomination package, no later than March 24, 2020 (March dinner meeting), to the chapter at ncmatysonselections@gmail.com A nomination package should include the following:

  • Statement of Qualifications and Intention (Explanation of your qualifications, volunteer history, and intended plans to assist the chapter);
  • Headshot and Bio;
  • NCMA Member Number;
  • Confirmation that you have read and understood the NCMA Tysons bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Conflict of Interest Policy.

Members may also nominate individuals for Chapter Officer positions by providing their name and email. We will reach out to the individual to determine qualification and interest.

Please direct any additional questions via email to ncmatysonselections@gmail.com.