Developing the next generation of contract management leaders

The Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP) is designed to help develop the next generation of contract management leaders through an intensive 10-month educational experience. Program participants will receive 160 hours of top-notch training in fundamental leadership, NCMA governance, and contract management. The program is very relevant to contract management professionals regardless of employer, location, or industry. The program is geared towards professionals with at least four years of experience but no more than eight years of experience in contract management, and who have not yet held a supervisory or management position (or have less than one year of experience).

CMLDP provides program participants with an opportunity to be matched up with two mentors who provide course and career guidance/feedback throughout the program. It also offers program participants with unparalled networking access to Government and Industry Leaders at the national and chapter levels. Program participants are also provided with one Certification Online Preparatory Course at no cost (CPCM or CFCM) within one year of graduation and free access to NCMA Conferences (ie. Subcon and World Congress).

Please visit NCMAHQ or contact Anestacia G. Evans, Director CMLDP and Young Professionals.

Application Tips

Engage In the Chapter

Get engaged in the NCMA Tysons chapter the year before you plan to apply. This will strengthen your application by allowing you to discuss how you have volunteered to benefit the chapter and contract management community.

Discuss Your Interests

Discuss your interest in the program with NCMA Tysons chapter leaders and your employer early. This will help both the chapter and your employer to write letter of recommendations that strongly touch upon your candidacy from personal knowledge.

Discuss the Application

Before drafting your application, discuss the application itself with CMLDP alumni within the chapter to gain insight into how successful applicants have previously approached the application.

Complete the Application

When completing your application, make sure that your responses to the questions fully answer the questions and include real life examples strengthening your responses to the questions.

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Program Myths

Myth: I haven’t held a leadership role in the workplace, so I don’t think that I am a fit for the program.

Fact: The program is geared towards those who are experienced and want to be a leader or are new to a leadership role themselves.

Myth: The program requires travel to another location for World Congress and I will personally be responsible for the costs of it.

Fact: Employers are typically very supportive of individuals applying for the program and will often times cover the travel costs. In situations where that is not the case, it can be discussed further with the NCMA Tysons chapter.


“The CMLDP was one of the best decisions I have ever made professionally and personally. It helped strengthen me as a leader and public speaker and provided me with a wealth of networking opportunities that I ordinarily wouldn’t have had. I strongly encourage anyone interest in improving themselves and advancing the profession as a whole to consider applying for the program.”

Jim Doss, 2019 CMLDP Graduate

“CMLDP has been a delightful experience, providing a wealth of knowledge along with insight of what it means to be a true leader. I’ve been fortunate to connect with so many people in my field as well as my cohort whom I now call friends. Each person I’ve come in contact with have been in various stages of their careers and from all walks of life, which adds to the richness and diversity of ideas shared during my time in the program! Additionally, it shows how the NCMA and the program endorses collaboration and uses its platform to help anyone who wants to grow, connect, and achieve success at any level they currently reside. I really feel I’ve been empowered in understanding I don’t have to lead from the top nor do I have to be the face of every issue or loudest to make a difference and evoke change.”

Kymiel Standifer, 2020 CMLDP Graduate

“NCMA Contracts Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP) is an outstanding Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Procurement and Contracts Management. It’s truly an opportunity where you get what you put into it. I have had the opportunity to network with some wonderful people, including NCMA Leadership and other CMLDP Alumni from around the U.S. Participating in this program has drawn me closer to the Chapter and has encouraged me to accept more roles and responsibilities. For the upcoming year, I am looking forward to serving as the 2020-2021 Tysons Chapter CMLDP Director. Thank you to NCMA CMLDP Leadership and Tysons Chapter for supporting me in my development!”

Anestacia Evans, 2020 CMLDP Graduate

“One of the greatest things about leadership is that we all bring something different to the table. The Contract Management Leadership Development Program was full of dynamic, collaborative and grounded case studies and experimental learning. The professional, team spirited and unified mission of support from alumni, Tyson’s chapter members, CMLDP mentors and community made the program year an enriching and valuable experience. Leadership is a journey of continuous improvement and CMLDP offers this knowledge value to both the new and experienced CM professional.”

Janelle Taylor, 2020 CMLDP Graduate

“The most exciting part of the CMLDP Program is the radically open minded and creative individuals in my cohort. I have new colleagues in academia, industry, and the government to share ideas and collaborate on programs; including my amazing program mentors, program coaches, alumnae network and guest speakers. CMLDP has afforded me the opportunity to connect with several amazing individuals and expand my network! CMLDP brings the NCMA CMBOK leadership competencies of vision, collaboration, character, and competence together in a career changing 10-month program.”

Kameke Mitchell, 2021 CMLDP Graduate