NCMA Certification is a mark of distinction.

NCMA certifications are the gold standard of professional excellence in contract management for both government and commercial contract managers. They set you apart from others in your profession, help you achieve your professional goals, and show you are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The goal of NCMA Tysons’s certification program is to help participants become Certified Professional Contract Managers and Certified Federal Contract Managers. We offer both study group programs to prepare you for the CFCM and CPCM exams, as well as an on-line, self-paced CFCM course in three different formats, tailored to meet your unique exam preparation needs.

Attaining professional certification in contract management distinguishes you as a subject matter expert and can help further your career advancement in terms of hiring and promotions. Certification improves your credibility in the eyes of hiring managers and business partners throughout the supply chain by giving them greater confidence in your individual competence, ability to apply practical experience to solve contract management problems, and commitment to professional education.

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NCMA Tysons offers exam preparation courses for the following certifications:


A Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) holder is knowledgeable in all facets of contract and subcontract activities, both government-to-business (federal, state, and local) and business-to-business (small, medium, and large). To become a CPCM holder you must achieve a passing score of at least 70 percent on the CPCM exam.

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A Certified Federal Contract Manager (CFCM) holder is knowledgeable in the practice of contract management from the perspective of the federal environment, which is heavily focused on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). To become a CFCM holder you must achieve a passing score of at least 70 percent on the CFCM exam.

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Interested in getting started?

NCMA Tysons holds periodic one-on-one and group study courses for candidates wishing to pursue CPCM and CFCM certifications in a mentor-mentee or group learning environment. Check out our upcoming exam preparation course schedule today!

NCMA Tysons offers three variations of a self-paced CFCM course through the Canvas learning platform for candidates wishing to pursue CFCM certification on-line. Check out our Canvas page today!

For more information about NCMA Certifications or preparing for exams, please contact Laura Kunkle, Vice President-Certifications, and Tami Gershfang, Director-Certifications.