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NCMA Advancing Professionals Community (APC):

Prior to spring 2012, the APC was called the “New Professionals Community.” The APC was established in spring 2012 to promote the development of individuals in the contract management field and bring together diverse professionals so that all in the community can learn from each other and build relationships. The APC welcomes professionals who are new to the field and those who are looking to advance their careers.

New Professional Membership:

NCMA has a New Professional membership category was created in 2010 for members under the age of 33. Young professionals have the desire to interact with their association, but don't always have the support of their organization. Now, with lower dues, it's easier for a young professional to join on their own or make the case for NCMA membership to their boss.

NCMA Resources available to new professionals in the contract management field:

NCMA Tysons Networking Events & Dinner Meetings: NCMA Tysons offers educational dinner meetings as well as networking opportunities at each meeting along with separate networking events which allow new professionals to meet other professionals in the field:

Dinner Meetings:

Networking events – please check chapter calendar

NCMA Tysons Mentoring Program:

The NCMA Tysons Mentoring Program is the forum for senior and experienced contracts professionals to privately discuss relevant and important topics with more junior contracts professionals, such as:

  • How to make choices about job responsibilities
  • How to handle job-related issues including procurement issues
  • Balancing professional responsibilities and life issues

Click here for more information on Mentoring:

NCMA Contract Management Leadership Development Program:

The CMLDP is designed to help develop the next generation of contract management leaders through an intensive yearlong educational experience. Program participants will receive 180 hours of top quality training in fundamental leadership, NCMA governance, and contract management. The program is quite relevant to contract management professionals regardless of their employer, location, or industry.

The CMLDP was created to quickly close the gap in leadership progression by accelerating the preparation of a select group of contract management professionals. Candidates will have demonstrated a level of commitment to their professional development unmatched in the field and, as a result, will carry with them a unique, meaningful credential that will open doors to new challenges and professional opportunities.


NCMA Tysons CMLDP students:

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For questions or additional information, please contact:

Jim Delaet
Director, NCMA Tysons Young Professionals Relations
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