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The NCMA Tysons Mentoring Program is kicking off its 12th year in October 2018! We are looking for five to eight mentors and mentees to join the program. Mentees will need to complete applications which can be found on the Tysons Corner NCMA website under “Resources -> Special Message to Mentees" drop down. Mentee applications are due Wednesday, September 19, 2018 to the Director of Mentoring (see below contact information).


Once mentees are selected, we will match mentees with their mentors based on mentee responses to the application and will aid with introductions.  Each mentor and mentee must attend a “Speed Matchup” networking event, where they will not only meet each other but also be able to network with other NCMA members.  This is included as part of the program.


Is the Mentoring Program open to both federal & commercial contracting professionals that belong to NCMA Tysons?

Yes. Mentor and mentee opportunities are open to both federal and commercial contracting professionals who are members of NCMA Tysons.


Is there a cost to me?

To make the relationship beneficial, both mentor and mentee will need to invest some amount of personal resources, whether that investment is in hours, availability, etc. NCMA Tysons is not charging a participation fee for either mentors or mentees, however, everyone must be a current member of the NCMA Tysons Chapter.

Additionally, each mentee is required to attend the first networking event as well as the first Hot Topic Informational meeting, both held in October.  NCMA Tysons will work with the mentee to ensure they are able to attend.


What must I consider before entering into a Mentoring Relationship?

Before establishing a relationship, mentors and mentees should think about, discuss, and agree on:

-For Program Year 2018-2019, the mentor/mentee program will run for 9 months, from October 2018 to June 2019.


What should I expect?

1) A professional development component (NCMA course, certification, or NES attendance)
2) A chapter volunteer role
3) A networking function
4) A Hot Topic Informational meeting
5) Completion of two deliverables

-Deliverable 1:

---Mentoring Action Plan – REQUIRED

-Deliverable 2 OPTIONS:

---Submit a paper to CM magazine

---List a discussion thread on LinkedIn

---Interview an NCMA Tysons Chapter member

---Write a small article to be posted on our website


Evan Feely
Director, NCMA Tysons Mentoring 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.