How to Join

If you are not already a member of the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA), you should join NCMA Tysons. Membership in the NCMA is a great way to stay current with developments in contracting, obtain practical training in interesting topics and meet other professionals in this field. Members are encouraged to obtain professional certification through the NCMA – a great move for advancing your career.

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The Benefits

Training at the Chapter Level

NCMA Tysons organizes and delivers an array of cutting edge training programs that reflect the issues faced by our members. We provide training in a number of different formats – all day courses with in-depth coverage, two-hour seminars to brief you on current developments, and outstanding dinner speakers who cover a broad range of contracting topics.

Connect with the Community

Our monthly Dinner Meeting is a great forum for meeting other contracting professionals and developing your professional network. We meet at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Tysons II Galleria on the fourth Tuesday, from September through June.

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Transfer your membership to NCMA Tysons

Step 1

Visit the NCMA Headquarters website and login with your credentials

Step 2

Navigate to your profile

Step 3

In the Personal Info Tab, update your chapter affiliation to NCMA Tysons