CFCM Practice Exam


A complete, 150-question CFCM practice exam that comes with materials to verify how well you did.

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The CFCM Practice Exam was designed to replicate the exam that you will take to be certified a CFCM. It has a full 150 questions, and broken down by questions per FAR Part. The practice exam is updated to incorporate changes up to and including Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-95.

The practice exam materials also come with a Microsoft Excel file that is designed to be used as the answer sheet for you to take the exam. It is recommended that you use this file to help you get instant results of your exam, along with a breakdown of those areas of the FAR that may require further study.

Don’t settle for purchasing practice exams that are either not a full 150 questions, do not follow the FAR and CFCM exam, or are simply not affiliated with the contract profession.

This is an all new product, and not the same practice exam that comes with the CFCM Prep Course.

You can also purchase the Practice Exam and CFCM Prep Course together, and save over 10%!