President’s Letter

President’s Letter:

Dear Fellow NCMA Tysons Members, Friends and Family:

It is an honor and privilege to have the trust of my fellow members to lead this outstanding chapter for program year 2020-2021. As we enter the new year through the COVID-19 pandemic, I encourage you to share optimism and surround yourselves with uplifting and energizing connections in your lives including family, friends and extended peer relationships that help support your personal and professional endeavors. It is these types of positive connections that keep us strengthened and able to empower each other regardless of challenges.

During this time of uncertainty, we are undoubtedly reminded as a collective to use more compassion, understanding, humility and most of all, active listening to one another in business and private communication.  As a professional network and association, we celebrate the practice of both technical competency and people-focused consciousness.  One of our first initiatives this year was to strategically assess your planned membership use.  We sent you a survey that inquired how you plan to engage NCMA Tysons for your growth and development.    Your responses provided us great insight including courses desired, which industry you serve and your career level and goals.  This data helped to cultivate new initiatives while sustaining classic traditions, exclusive to the Tyson’s chapter.  Thank you so much for participating in this important outreach! Knowing who our members are and how to meet their career objectives is our long-standing purpose.

This year’s emphasis includes focus on servant leadership, collaboration, and building bridges of opportunities through cross-partnership with members, industry and government. We have seamlessly transitioned to the virtual platform for courses and events in consideration for the safety of our members. Therefore, I hope that you consider the goals you seek to accomplish and utilize NCMA Tysons to help you achieve your mission. Whether it be volunteering, networking, professional development, certification, empowering others, community service, we have an outstanding team ready to guide you in the right direction!

Let us pledge to make the upcoming year one of record impact for all members through our wide-variety of programming. I look forward to leading us as we continue our journey together to navigate NCMA Tyson’s Chapter as a leading industry standard for contract professionals.


Janelle E Taylor, NCMA Tyson’s President

President’s Letter

Greetings NCMA Tysons members, friends and colleagues,

My name is Jennifer Hanks and I have the pleasure and honor of being the NCMA Tysons President for the 2019-2020 program year. I envision a new and exciting program year so I look forward to connecting with all of you at the new and signature events, training and networking opportunities.

The Acquisition and Contracting community is ever-changing and it is my goal to keep pace with providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our members. The focus areas for this program year include execution of programs and initiatives through proactive and innovative leadership methods, increased engagement with sponsors to improve change integration response times, continued collaboration with other NCMA chapters, accountability and quality of our service offerings, continued fellowship with members and partners, and the timely execution of Committee initiatives (i.e. Women In Leadership, Leadership Summit Planning Committee, etc.).

We have an outstanding program year ahead! We will continue with our very successful Women In Leadership Initiative, our Contract Life-Cycle Series, and the NEW Subcontract Management training series for the current program year training courses. We will also continue supporting the Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP) and the Mentoring Program. More information to follow in this Newsletter.

On September 24th, we will kick-off the program year with Ms. Deanean Machis, CPCM, Chief Professional Development Officer and Education Director from NCMA HQ to share the vision and goals for NCMA for the upcoming year followed by our guest speaker Mrs. Stephanie Fugate, NCMA National Board of Directors member and USAID Division Chief, Professional Development and Training.   Details for this dinner meeting are provided within this Newsletter. Please come out and network, meet new friends and join in on the discussion.

Lastly, I want to thank our amazing 2019-2020 Board of Directors and Advisors and YOU who help make NCMA Tysons an amazing Chapter!

If you have any questions or would like information regarding the NCMA Tysons Chapter you may visit and follow us on social media. You may also contact me directly at and (202) 329-1766, and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Hanks, CFCM, Fellow

President, NCMA Tysons