Women in Leadership Virtual Lunchtime Retreat Series

During this time of unprecedented change, it is time for you to focus on the most important person in your life – YOU! As organizations prepare for the future of work in this new normal, they are seeing an increasing need for leaders to be equipped with emotional intelligence and self-awareness. A positive self-image is critical to be a successful leader and science tells us that raising your positivity causes your brain to be 31% more productive than at negative, neutral or stressed.

Join WIL for a four-week self-care series focused on you and your relationship with yourself. You will gain confidence and develop a new sense of self, at a time when you may need it most.

The goal is to help you discover your true center and learn how honoring that center will bring positive change to all areas of your life. You will walk away from this virtual retreat with these Positive Life Skills:

  • How to release old conditioning and self-doubt
  • How to raise your vibration and expand your awareness
  • How to listen to your inner voice to nurture your self-care and personal growth

Series Itinerary:

Week 1 – Self Care 101: “Ten self-care practices to create balance and improve self-worth”

Week 2 – Circling to your Center: “Transform your life and create a positive self-image”

Week 3 – Overcoming Fear: “Move from self-critic to self-champion”

Week 4 – Reflections for Moving Forward: “Living at the level of your True Self”

About the Speaker:

PJ Jackson is a senior advisor to C-Suite executives seeking to enhance their performance and transform their organizational culture. Author, influencer, difference maker, PJ brings a positive energy like no
other, she is truly one-of-a-kind! An applied scientist, who blends the art of fulfillment with the science of achievement through her proprietary process called “Circling to Your Center”.

PJ is a high energy leader, transformational change agent, and authority on women in business, she has spent three decades influencing change in federal government, defense and the aerospace industry.

PJ is the Chief Executive Office and founder of Positive Knowledge, LLC, a consulting firm for positive transformational change, whose goal is to increase the harmony of humanity, one choice, one step, one
moment at a time through love, kindness and respect. As a positive role model, PJ teaches her unique professional development offering Positive Life Skills. Through her own story, The Labyrinth Influence, Awaken the Wisdom Within, PJ is focused on helping people accelerate their personal growth, be grounded in a positive self-image, and inspires them to find their true purpose.

*The cost of attendance is free. However, the Tysons Chapter is accepting optional donations in support of Share of McLean, a local food bank providing emergency services to the Northern Virginia area.

Click here to learn and register https://ncmatysons.org/women-in-leadership-virtual-lunchtime-retreat-series/

To learn more about the charity, please visit their website at: https://www.shareofmclean.org/.

To make a donation use the link below.