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The NCMA Tysons Women in Leadership Initiative is dedicated to empowering emerging women leaders in the contract management and related professional fields. We welcome participation and support from all genders and all gender identities. The Initiative will enable women and their supporters to enhance their leadership skills by offering a series of inspirational events focused on professional and personal growth.  Together, we will empower ourselves and one another so that women leaders of today and tomorrow have the necessary tools to achieve their full leadership potential.

Initiative Objectives

NCMA Tysons Women in Leadership intends to achieve our objectives by hosting Educational Seminars and Networking Events with industry partners to create a platform to address various focus areas in support of the Women in Leadership initiative.


Inspire personal leadership


Facilitate a community of resources to help create opportunities


Support the development of emerging women leaders in a diverse and dynamic government acquisition community


Acquire awareness through education and lessons learned from highly accomplished industry leaders


Empower participants to reach back and empower others


Provide networking opportunities

Women in Leadership Committee

Amanda Mulhern


Brendon Johnson


Colleen Timmer

Committee Lead

Rachita Varma-Jain

Ashley McGrew


Katherine Vultaggio

Evan Feely

Partnership and Participation

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Please contact NCMA Tysons Women in Leadership if you have any questions or would like to participate.